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Atma Nambi returns to FHC!

Fri. August 10th thru
Sunday Aug. 12th

Swami Atma Nambi
is an international Guru and speaker, offering individual guidance, Spiritual healing and Mantras to expand the potential within.
Atma Nambi has shared his strong and peaceful presence with the FHC Community for the last several years. We are truly fortunate to have him on a return visit!

"Energy is like a tree root. Good energy creates good thoughts, good thoughts create harmless energetic words and this helps in creating grateful actions."

Chakra Initiations
Throat Chakra,
Fri 8/10, 9:45-10:30PM
Third Eye, Sat. 8/11, 5-6PM
Kundalini Initiation, Sat. 8/11, 6-8PM

Atma Healing Workshop
Sat. 8/11, 10AM-5PM

Sun. 8/12, 8:30-10AM
This ancient, powerful fire ceremony heightens the energies to bring both Spiritual and Material Prosperity!

(Personal Sessions available Fri thru Sunday)

Friday Aug. 10, 7-9PM

During difficult situations most of us lose courage and fear starts possessing us. This fear does not even let us do our day-to-day work. It is capable of sucking our energy, which prevents our progress. You are welcome to experience life through the senses and live in deeper levels of consciousness in this weekend retreat. You will also an opportunity to find a way to sustain courage. Your life will not be the same again.

There are several energy centres (chakras) embedded in the human system. Seven of these powerhouses are very vital. The initiations are individual but it is done in-group. The whole group is enhancing the energy in the initiated, through celebration with mantra music and sharing of blessings to the one being initiated. This is a beautiful celebration where we receive practical tips on how to keep the chakras activated. All are welcome even those who are not wishing for initiation. For them it is free.

Space Is Very Limited!
To reserve your spot, contact us at: info@floweringheartcenter.org

For more information on Atma Nambi, please visit: www.upanisha.org