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Ancestral Healing with KristinPanek

The veil between worlds is at its thinnest on the weekend of Oct 30-31 - the perfect time for this process!

Our Ancestral patterns run deep in our psyche. It's the water we swim in and therefore, it can be difficult to see it. Sabotaging patterns such as playing small, blindly following orders, addictions, aggression, self-hatred can be running under the surface affecting your life in numerous ways - big and small. Imagine clearing these patterns and creating more space in your life for what you want.

Through this process you'll create a deeper connection to those who have passed. This relationship continues even after they leave the body. Participants have experienced relationship healings, signs from their ancestors, messages coming through other people, shifts in their finances. Additionally, this process will help your ancestors to movoe to the higher realms where they experience more joy. What a gift to both give and receive these powerful blessings.

Start noticing which patterns run in your family and make notes in your journal. Bring that journal and names of specific ancestors you would like to work with. We are starting this process with a Green fire. We'll move a lot of energy on this joyful day!

Ancestral Clearing October 30, 1:45-5:30pm


Bring a Journal and any photos of your ancestors that you would like to bring.

Kristin has been facilitating this process for over 10 years and has seen remarkable healings. She was initiated in India to offer this to the Flowering Heart community.

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