Kristin's Book is Out!

Flowering Heart Center is very pleased to announce the publication of Kristin's first book:

My Family Needs My Spiritual Leadership Now

HERE IS THE LINK to download it from Amazon:

Maybe you have wondered how to create a deep sense of nurturing and connection within your family, despite your busy schedule. Many others have learned how to step into this compassionate leadership role in their families and communities using many of the concepts in this book. You can too! Email Kristin now and ask for a free copy of her new book at If you know you are ready now for a life changing adventure and would like to get started working with her to implement these practices in your life, then apply HERE now.

Flowering Heart Center members:

If you would like to spread the word about this book so more people can find out about Flowering Heart Center and experience a conscious community, email Kristin for a free copy of her book. You can also help us by posting on social media or emailing or talking to your friends and other groups that may benefit. 

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Thank you for your continued support!

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