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Ignite the Flow of Prosperity and Purpose for 2021 and Beyond

This past year has introduced a lot of uncertainty in our lives. You can no longer take it for granted that your job will still be there next week or that you’ll have enough savings for unexpected events or retirement. You still want the best for you and your family. How can you feel secure in your ability to provide for them and for yourself during these challenging times?  

As you look around, some people seem to be thriving in spite of all of the business closures and high unemployment. What is their secret? Are they just lucky to be working in essential businesses? The rules seem to have changed. How can you learn to be successful in this new environment? How can you feel more confident inside yourself that no matter what is happening in the world, you can still generate the wealth that you need for you and your family to thrive?


Join us for a powerful workshop that will give you the tools to be successful in your business endeavors. You have the expertise to do your chosen line of work. Now you need the training they don’t offer in business courses – how to align with prosperity so the opportunities and resources find you; the inner strength and tools to use those resources to attract and maintain wealth. You no longer have to feel at the affect of the world around you.

You'll learn and then integrate these skills with a powerful gong bath, crystal bowls and Harmony's angelic voice.

If you are ready to ignite this flow of prosperity in your life then complete the registration form below. In person spaces are limited.

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Harmony Polo has been a successful entrepreneur for over 30 years. She was a sought after hairstylist in LA for over 15 years where she was the top earning employee earning over $250,000 per year . After moving to Indonesia, Harmony developed and manufactured natural haircare and body care products. She also opened a boutique in the heart of Ubud, Bali's shopping district. During this time she studied Mantra music, learned to play new instruments and became a Kundalini yoga teacher. She has also studied Spiritual teachings extensively at Oneness University in India and became an Advanced Trainer and Sacred Chamber Host. Harmony is currently a Spiritual Life and Business Coach. She has also created a new modality of hair cutting called Sacred Haircuts. She will be launching a new healing center with state of the art technology in downtown Naperville in June. For more information about Harmony, visit

What you will receive:

Clarity about your financial goals

Your personal road map to use throughout the year to stay on track
A re-calibration of your physical and
energy bodies to align with prosperity
Tools to create a magnetic force 

Customized wholistic program to maintain this new alignment 
Spiritual understanding about success in this Aquarian age and how to apply it in your life.

Event Details

Part 1: January 16th,  10AM - 1PM

Part 2: January 23,  10AM - 2PM

Online and in-person options


Must Pre-register.

In person attendance limited to 10 due to COVID regulations.

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