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Vipassana Meditation

Practice Relaxation Consciously with Bharat Kalra

'Bharat Kalra was born and raised in India in a upper middle class punjabi family and received initiation into Paramhans Adwait Mat by his guru at the tender age of 5. He then experienced his first lesson of dhyan(meditation). A strong foundation was created which supported him throughout life. Bharat later learned Vipassna from one of the renowned teachers Shri Satyanarayan Goenka who passed away in 2013.
In the year 2001 during tough financial and health challenges, a regular practice of meditation gave him inspiration and solace and helped him advance spiritually. He then experienced his first “Satori”, a Japanese term used by Zen masters to describe the ‘glimpse of the infinite”. Ever since that time, he has been steadily moving on his path. One of his goals is to help as many fellow travelers as possible to move forward on their journey. He is also a practicing licensed massage therapist . He is an independent Reiki Master / Teacher in the tradition of Usui Shiki Ryoho.'

Join Bharat for an evening of Vipassana Meditation, where he shares the wisdom gained from a life of practice and offers students an experience.

In this evening:

Stop energy-leak by learning to deal with your negative emotions with true knowledge which will enable you to discover the root cause of stress.

Learn a technique to get rid of accumulated junk of negativity and also stop further accumulation of the same.

Reconnect with the infinite source of peace within.

Experience a renewed sense of peace and self-confidence.

Event Details

February 21st

7:00 - 8:15PM, $25

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