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Sacred Wisdom Talk & Sri Bhagavan's  Birthday Celebration!

Celebrate, receive teaching, powerful process and eat cake too.

Get a taste of Doug's wisdom and receive a transmission to support you in your growth. Since March 7th is Oneness Founder, Sri Bhagavan's birthday, lots of grace will be flowing. We will be serving chocolate cake in honor of the occasion.


Gather your questions, your friends and your seat belt.  We will lift your consciousness beyond where you may have been before.


Whether or not you are able to join us for the powerful 2 day weekend retreat, take advantage of this opportunity.


Donations requested. 

Douglas Bentley has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life helping them on their journey inwards to discover the natural state of peace and joy that awaits within. Douglas has been deeply on his spiritual journey since childhood, leading him to live in India as a monk learning directly from great Spiritual Avatars for 10 years. After his own awakening, his Masters had asked him to travel back to the west to share the Sacred Principles of Spiritual Awakening with the world

Event Details

Thursday, March 7, 7-9PM

No Registration required for this donation event

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the weekend retreat with Doug, click on the buttons below.