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Ancestral Clearing with John Newton

Ancestral Clearing Group Intensive

Wheaton, IL Friday, April 26 7:30-9:30pm

John will be facilitating powerful Ancestral Clearings that can help remove blocks, burdens and debris from your life and ancestral Lineage, restoring physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. This work may hold the key to restoring our well-being by addressing past imprints and limitation that affect our lives. Powerful group experience as well as individual attention will be offered at this transformational gathering. RSVP required.


Basic and Advanced Ancestral Training 

Saturday and Sunday, April 27-28, all day

We all have the ability to affect our own and each other’s health and well-being. In John Newton’s Ancestral Clearing Practitioner Training he teaches each participant how to use the powerful modalities that allow his clients to experience profound physical, spiritual & emotional well-being & welcomes you to use this work for yourself, your family, friends, community & clients (if you are a healthcare professional).

* Training includes follow-up video refreshers including Q&A with John as well as access to the private Facebook Training Graduate Group.

About John's Work

For the last thirty plus years, John's clients have included Political figures, Emmy, Grammy, and Academy Award winners, professional and Olympic athletes, National Institute of Health board members, law enforcement, veterans, scientists, doctors, therapists, and even priests, nuns and rabbis!  He often works side-by-side with medical doctors, therapists and their patients, integrating his techniques into their practices.   

There are imprints in our DNA that store limiting experiences from our life as well as our family lineage. Releasing this is the key to getting our life back. There is no physical contact with John’s work and no belief is necessary.  The only requirement is to want help. John encourages people who are skeptical to let the results speak for themselves.

Event Details

April 26, 7:30 - 9:30PM, $45

Basic and Advanced Ancestral Training
April 27-28
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