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Atma Nambi - Live Life

Thursday Satsang & Chakra Initiation. Saturday Workshop  & Chakra Initiation. Personal Sessions Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Atma Nambi was self-realized 24 years ago in his home country of Tamil Nadu, India. He shares what he lives; total presence 24 hours a day, with a casual, applicable and down to earth approach. He inspires in how to live a conscious life in line with each one's individual potential, which brings pure joy and contentment, health and prosperity in relations as well as materially. To live this Atma Nambi shares easy, practical and powerful techniques and approaches in everyday life for people of all ages in all levels of society.

You’re welcome to deeply empower your Self in some days of wellbeing, through healing and unique guiding in the LIVE LIFE Satsang and Workshop, Chakra Activations, Personal Session, Atma Darshan as well as in the Kubera Tapas (a fire ceremony for spiritual and material abundance in the home and workspace).


This will quickly enable you to live a healthy, fulfilled life of celebration and to experience glimpses of Self and higher state of consciousness (Samadhi).

The longer you stay in the presence this state of mind is sustained.

Live Life SATSANG - Thursday, July 25th, 7-9PM

Experience the Truth. Discuss life related situations and being in inner silence. This is an instant experience of wellbeing and peace.  $25

Throat Chakra Initiation, Thursday, July 25th 9-10PM

Activation of the Throat – the 5th chakra. This activation helps to live a life of better communication and fearlessness. Gives healing to gland related issues. You will be provided a vibrant locket that protects you energetically and spiritually. $60

PERSONAL SESSION  - Thursday PM, All day Friday, Saturday PM
Personal guidance, Spiritual Healing, Personal Techniques & Mantras to solve issues from the root and expand the potential within. $60

KUBERA TAPAS - Call Kristin at 630-334-5747 to schedule

Kubera Tapas in private homes, workspaces, centers, clubs and organizations.
‘Fire ceremony for Spiritual & Material Prosperity and Cleansing’. $250

LIVE LIFE WORKSHOP - Saturday, July 27th 10AM - 5PM


LIVE LIFE Workshop is addressing how to create an atmosphere of ever rising consciousness, energy and creativity. The course is addressing the atmosphere within one Self, which in turn creates the external one in relations of the family, friends and co-workers, as well as the atmosphere in the place for example home, school or at work.  

When there is an energy coordination brought in to the spot we are in flow. This is a state of consciousness that takes away the blocks from different parts of the body and brings creativity and the ability to perceive the situation as it is. Flow makes every action joyous and healthy for one self and others. An atmosphere of flow increases the amount and the quality of the work done over a period of time. 


Atma Nambi will give techniques for raising the internal and external awareness and atmosphere. There will be moment-to-moment techniques easy to implement in everyday life as well as powerful techniques for clearance of negativities (karma) and inner transformation.  Lunch 1-2:30PM. $120, Half-day option - $70

KUNDALINI INITIATION - Saturday, July 27th 5-6PM

Kundalini initiation activates the life force hidden within, dissolving for example fear, anxiety and depression. The energy enables both mental and physical wellbeing. Bring a fragrant flower. $60

Registration Details

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Text Kristin at 630-334-5747 to schedule a Private

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