Ekam Siddhi

A journey of enlightenment 

facilitated by Elizabeth Scherwenka and Jim Flocchini

Join us for a powerful evening to lift your Spirit, expand your consciousness and experience an enlightened state. Elizabeth and Jim will prepare the space, speak about this journey and then offer a direct experience of higher states of consciousness.


Ekam is a mystic meditation space in India. Ekam refers to the highest state of consciousness that can be experienced in human form. This siddhi is meant to deepen your connection with your Divine so you can experience Great Love, Great Delight, Great Peace and Great Compassion. Everyone's journey is unique. All are invited to receive this wonderful gift!

As life partners, Elizabeth & Jim facilitate together, offering and supporting programs from EKAM and most recently EKAM Siddhi, an experience of Enlightenment. They have just returned from a month-long, silent retreat in Southern India called "Tapas" (which means "heat or fire"). This is a 28-day, austere, inward journey, for Spiritual Purification. They are excited to share this gift of EKAM Siddhi with others to experience States of Enlightenment. 


Event Details

Saturday February 12th

7 - 8PM  

Love donations accepted

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Thank you!

ABOUT the Facilitators

Elizabeth Scherwenka, an engaging and gifted teacher, consultant and facilitator. A joyous mother to a talented, heartful young man. She has led transformational workshops for seekers, corporate, government, artisans, and creatives for the past 25 years. Her leadership comes from a passion to bring about a fundamental shift in human consciousness, to lead people from suffering to no suffering and to continue the vision for humanity's Enlightenment.  For 17 years she has been a student at EKAM and now facilitates The Beautiful State along with other programs.

Jim Flocchini, is an herbalist, educator and father to an amazing daughter.  He is passionate about his and humanity's ever-evolving path of Enlightenment. Jim has a deep connection to plants and nature, and a loving concern and care for people.  He has been involved with EKAM since 2012.