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3-day Cleanse 
Start the New Year with a clean slate. Detox the body & mind; Lift your Spirit.
Let's do this together

Whether you're new to fasting or experienced, this cleanse will bring clarity, energy and a new perspective. Since it's wintertime, we have included a recipe for a deeply nourishing and warming Miracle Broth. If you prefer to fast with water, that is fine too. During this time we'll be offering tools for you to detox your mind as well as meditations and light yoga at FHC to support your journey. We'll finish with our Monday night sound healing, meditation and blessings.



Fasting begins 12:01am on Saturday, January 8th and finishes 11:59PM on Monday, January 10. 

Thursday, January 6th online:

    7:30 -8:45pm Overview and tools for the mind detox portion.

Video recording will be available.

Here is the zoom link:

Meeting ID: 872 1010 8953

Passcode: Cleanse

Saturday 12:01am - Fast begins.

If you'd like to join us at the center, we have some optional programs for you:

Saturday, January 8 at FHC:

       10-12pm Chanting and meditation

       12 - 3pm Silent Retreat, including tools for detoxing beliefs

Sunday, January 9 at FHC:

       10 -12pm light yoga and chanting

      12pm- 3pm Meditations

Monday night, January 10pm

      7:30 - 9pm Sound Healing, Meditation and Blessings, Gratitude offering

Monday 11:59pm Fast ends

Please join this link to be part of a Whatsapp group where you can get support during the fast:

Fasting guidelines, miracle broth recipe and Zoom link will be sent to you upon registration.

The price is on a sliding scale: $64 - $198. Please contribute what you can - it will support your cleanse intentions.


Patrick Christopher and Kristin Panek

Patrick is 34 and lives in Buffalo Grove, IL. Driven by spirit and consistently attending FHC the past 3 years, Patrick's health has improved in all realms: spiritual, mental, and physical. Along with daily yoga, meditation, and exercise, Patrick's consistent practice of intermittent fasting has ignited more fulfilling relationships, increased energy levels, increased clarity, and greater career success. This extended fast will accelerate our growth and elevate our spirits to new heights.

Kristin, Founder and Spiritual Director of FHC, has experience with many different types of fasting and with supporting people to move through their internal blocks. 

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