Journey into Happiness

Wed. May 13th, 9:30AM - 6:30PM 

Ancient Sacred Practices, Powerful Teachings

& Meditations by Enlightened Monks

Livestreamed from India

India is coming to you!
This course will be Zoomed into your home. Through ancient sacred practices, powerful teachings, and meditations led by enlightened teachers you will receive many gifts including:

• A Calm Mind

• Profound Inner Peace

• Spiritual Growth

• Transformation in Consciousness

• Improved Wellbeing

• Loving Relationships

• Enhanced Capacity for Success

• Brain Change and Activate Awakenings


For us to experience awakening and have a transformational shift in life we must perceive life differently. To perceive life differently we must have a change in how the brain functions. We must have a shift in perception from division to oneness or connectedness.


We are living at a time where the Great Compassionate Light wants to reach out and give this shift.

During this one-day event the Great Compassionate Light will change the brain and activate awakenings.

This course will be taught live via teleconferencing from India simultaneously to over 40 cities in N. America.

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