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Kundalini Yoga with Harmony

as taught by Yogi Bhajan

After a pause from teaching Kundalini Yoga to open my new company, Harmonic Egg - Naperville, I am pleased to announce we will be resuming our weekly yoga session at the Flowering Heart Center in Wheaton.
Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness.  We will be focusing on the 10 bodies.  (Typically we know of the 7 chakra’s, these would be considered to be part of the 10 bodies, however we add above and below energies also.)  When we strengthen our 10 bodies, we expand our energies creating a positive field of attraction.
During these challenging times, it is crucial to raise our vibrations and staying aligned to our life’s purpose and destiny.  When we allow our bodies and minds to align with lower frequencies, we start to manifest our realities based upon the law of attraction.
We will be focusing on breath awareness which will also be strengthening our lungs allowing more oxygen to flow through your bodies.  When this happens our mind become more intelligent, inspired and creative leaving you feel a deep essence of joy and connectivity.
Kundalini Yoga requires NO experience.  It was also brilliantly designed for all ages.  If you are unable to sit on the floor, we can accommodate your yoga session in a chair without a problem.  All you need to do is bring your own yoga mat and water bottle.


Kundalini Yoga is a technology much needed in these times. It has the potential to increase your intelligence, reduce stress, increase your energy and rewire your brain to create healthy, happy relationships.

During these times, you are welcome to practice with a mask on if you feel better doing so.  We will be limiting the number of participants to ensure there is space between every participant.  If any participant feels they want to sit close to their friends or loved ones, this is a sovereign choice and this is welcome, you are responsible for your own safety of freedom and choice.

Harmony Polo is a certified KRI Kundalini Teacher.  She is certified through Hari Jiwan, Tej Kaur & Guru Jagat. With over 10 years of experience, her passion with this Aquarian technology creates a powerful transmission of energy.

Harmony's knowledge of this yogic teaching is deep with over 10 years of regular self practice. She is also a master of mantra and vibrational healing. Harmony has released 2 Mantra albums, Blessings Of Your Grace and her newest: Heart Of Creation.  For more info on Harmony visit

Event Details

Last class at FHC - August 17th!

5:30PM - 7PM

Register Below


Bring your own mat, and water bottle.     

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