Navigating the Unknown

Online Class with Kristin Panek

There is so much uncertainty in our world, which causes the mind to become overly active and cling to negative thoughts.  Everything is moving very fast. The rate of change is accelerating and this causes the mind to lose its ability to cope. It's looking for safety and certainty in all the wrong places (like the grocery store paper goods section). Our response might be to lash out, hide, binge on Netflix or other comforts, spiral down into depression. We can learn to be in uncertainty with more ease and grace. Join us! This is a chance learn how to navigate these times. Kristin's work has been in the area of the Mystery - the Unknown, for decades. 


"Navigating the Unknown has been an anchor in these quarantine/pandemic seas for me. Kristin Panek is a wise and gentle leader. She leads wonderful meditations navigating us into the unchartered seas and each time I have landed more sure-footed, grounded and pleasantly surprised..." Christine Huston


Kristin has spent 20 years working with various people and groups to face their fears and to trust themselves in the face of uncertainty. She is happy to share and support others during this challenging time.


Saturdays, May 9-30, 1-2:30PM

$25 per week or $80 for all 4 weeks

285 W. Loop Road,

Wheaton IL 60189

Tel: 630.334.5747

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