Reverend William

Spiritual Healer from the Philippines

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Reverend William is a native of the Philippines now living in the US. The healing protocols that Reverend William uses have traditionally been held by 8 families in the Philippines. He describes himself as a Spiritual Healer who is an instrument of God.


People have received help with a variety of issues including knee pain, hip replacement, cancer, diabetes,..



"Thanks to you and William, I cancelled my eye surgery appointment and will not have hip replaced.
Let me know when William will be back in Dallas and can work again on my hips.
"  Love you guys,   IZ

"I had a lump under left arm for over 10 years and it is now reduced 95% plus all the swelling and puffiness around it, are gone. I never had it diagnosed medically but am relieved to have it resolved. Also my thyroid is no longer protruding and my third eye is feeling very clear."  JE

Appointments are generally 30 minutes and may vary in length depending on how much healing energy your body can accept at one time. 

Please contact Janet Evertsen at 641-919-9022 or at for questions or to schedule appointments. 

Or, text Kristin with preferred times at 630-334-5747

Sessions involving eyes, third eye or face are scheduled in the morning.  $150.00.

Sessions involving the body (scan, evaluation and treatment) are scheduled afternoons and evenings.  $200.

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Tel: 630.334.5747

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