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Advanced 2-Day Spiritual Retreat

A Take a very powerful transformative 2 day journey into higher states

This advanced spiritual retreat works with you directly on your journey and pushes you into higher states of consciousness and connection with your source. 

This retreat is intended for those who are already on their spiritual journey and wanting to go much deeper into Awakening and Divine connection. You will be learning powerful spiritual principles and taken through intense energetic processes to bring upon deep inner awareness; bringing you into deeper states of inner freedom and oneness with life. 

This will be a Divinely Guided 2-day retreat that will create a sacred atmosphere to utilize Divine Energies to create bring upon deep shifts in one's consciousness.

Douglas Bentley will be sharing the more advanced techniques and wisdom that was bestowed on him by his Spiritual Master that helped him flower into deeper states of being.

Douglas Bentley has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life helping them on their journey inwards to discover the natural state of peace and joy that awaits within. Douglas has been deeply on his spiritual journey since childhood, leading him to live in India as a monk learning directly from great Spiritual Avatars for 10 years. After his own awakening, his Masters had asked him to travel back to the west to share the Sacred Principles of Spiritual Awakening with the world

Event Details

March 9, 10 $350,  $300 if register by March 1

- Sat: 9am til 7pm

- Sun: 8:30am til 4:30pm
FREE INTRO - Thursday March 7th, 7-9pm

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