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Ancestor Clearing and Wealth Consciousness

This is a 2 part process.  People can come to either or both.


Ancestral Clearing January 18, 12-4pm

Our ancestral relationships are very important and can have real world impacts in our daily lives.  If you are experiencing blocks and challenges this process can help. It will heal these relationships and support your ancestors in moving to higher realms.

$75, Join us on 2/2 for the Wealth Process ($75). 

Price for both if pay by January 15th:  $125

Wealth Process February 2, 12:30-4:30pm

The power of our subconscious is millions of times stronger than our conscious mind. When it comes to wealth building, we are normally working with a very small percentage of our brain. This process taps into the deep recesses unlocking patterns of lack and limiting beliefs. It heals your relationship with money and creates a stronger connection with that aspect of the Divine that represents wealth. All of this in only a few hours. This deep processes leave you feeling light, free and joy-filled. Bring 108 coins, $75 course fee.

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