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Meditation Mondays

There is something magical that happens on these nights. People connect deeply with themselves, with Source, other people and patterns begin to organically shift in their life. They are clearer, calmer and focused. It’s amazing what an impact 1 hour in a safe, sacred space can have.  Each night is different and may include mindfulness, a guided meditation, deep process, blessings, sound healing, teachings and snacks. This is our Community night and it’s donation-based. Find out why people keep returning.

Mondays, 8-9PM ONLINE ONLY 

Donations Gratefully accepted.

Click HERE to join. No registration required

ID  836 635 622 Password: 056109

“Amazing center for whatever you may seek through meditation open and accepting place of love”  George Lancy

“For anyone searching for answers in their lives the Flowering Heart Center is here to allow the peace needed to begin that inner journey. It is a sanctuary, a safe haven for everyone.”  Wanda Louis

“So incredibly, honest, open, and welcoming. I am filled with such gratitude for FHC and how it has touched my life “  Leenie Bee


Kristin Panek

Founder & Spiritual Director

Kristin Panek has a passion for supporting soul seekers on their awakening path to step into their highest potential and experience deep, authentic connection with their higher self, other beings and the environment. She brings an amazing ability to hold a safe, sacred space in which change is allowed to occur in her workshops, private sessions and community evenings.


Frank Panek

Manager, Meditation Teacher, Sound Healer

Frank’s generous heart and ability to easily connect with everyone makes Flowering Heart Center a very welcoming space. Unique ability to integrate both of the mind and heart approaches and to offer these tools in a relatable way to a wide variety of participants.  In addition to leading meditations and sound healings, he has technical expertise in audio/ visual areas.


Meditation 101 with Frank Panek
For those who "can't meditate" and those who'd like a new perspective

May 2

Summer Solstice Meditation

June 20

Special Guests

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Mary Rondenant

Mary offers very powerful breathing sessions to clear stuck patterns and bring clarity and inspiration. She has an amazing ability to tune into your blockages and help you release them. While she offers monthly WhaleBreathing here, she occasionally offers a shorter version of her work on a Monday night. Don't miss this opportunity! On 12/13 she will be offering breathwork   while Alani is playing crystal bowls!

Tom Mcgarrity.jpeg

Dr. Tom McGarrity

The ability to visit past incarnations is one such power that Dr. McGarrity writes extensively about in his book.  Having visited many of his own past lives, he studied intensely under Dr. Brian Weiss and has been guiding people into their own past lives for almost a dozen years, with remarkable results. 

ToddHead01 Small.jpeg

Todd Simec

Todd has been a member of this community for many years.  After over a dozen trips to India and many powerful transmissions, he emanates joy and speaks powerfully about awakening. 


Aimee Daniels

Aimee is the Spiritual Director at Cityside Church in Chicago. Her passion is to create environments to explore their spiritual beliefs and create their life more powerfully through spiritual practice. She joins us on Monday night to share a message around hope and miracles. She is an engaging and powerful speaker.  She joins Kristin on Monday night, December 14


Betty Giannopoulos

Betty is a certified Askashic Records Reader and very adept at The Body Code - a healing modality. She has also been to Oneness University in India and a part of the community for many years.  She is a clear open channel for unconditional love and deep wisdom. 


Savita Laura Jachim

Savita brings a very powerful, heart opening and grace-filled presence to the meditation, blessings and yoga nidra.  We are excited to host her again. Join Savita for an evening to let go of the chaos and drop into a space beyond the body and mind. 

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