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Leadership books:

Authentic Leadership

You can be a highly impactful leader for your community, even if you don’t feel qualified. Perhaps seeing the divisiveness playing out in our streets and the huge toll global pandemics can take on our society makes a part of you long to help somehow. If you have a desire to help others, honor that calling. The world needs your leadership now.

Learn how to effectively work with others from different backgrounds, embody key leadership values and use the feedback from your experience to grow as a leader. Whether you are leading your family, a small group or your community, this book is for you. 

My Family Needs My Spiritual Leadership Now


If you are experiencing conflict within your family or having trouble navigating with all of the uncertainty in our world, this book will support you in showing up for your family in a lovingly supportive way.


If you know you are ready for a life changing adventure and would like to get started working with Kristin now to implement these practices in your life, then  apply HERE for a free strategy session with her.

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