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Movement Sundays


This movement experience awakens something deep inside us and we feel more alive, connected and inspired. Movement releases blocks, anxiety, and discouragement and brings us to a place of freedom. We have extraordinary DJ’s that design a flow of music that takes us on a powerful journey.  It’s a very safe, sacred space with no talking, no alcohol or drugs, that allows people to move without inhibition. Experience it for yourself.


Starting in May we are moving to a new format - a guided movement that will align body, mind and Spirit in a free -flowing and specific way.  You will be guided based on the theme for the week to explore communication through movement. Stay tuned for more information.



DJ Roman


Cancelled due to Weather


No Dance Session


No Dance Session


Guided Movement

with Will Bennet

MAY 12

No Session 

MAY 19

Guided Movement 

with Kristin


dj Roman.jpg

DJ Roman

Roman Berocken is a curator of incredible music, community organizer, and a seeker of a higher human potential. Music has played a big part in his life by providing him with inspiration to dance, to be moved, and to enter into transformation and flow. He is always on the hunt for that magical sound and rhythm that helps bring on these mystical qualities.


He draws his material for Dj'ing from Black American, African, Afro Brazilian, South and Central American, Eastern, European, and many indigenous and rhythmic cultures of the world. Allot is also picked from the polished and technically produced sounds of electronic music.


DJ RedLox

DJ RedLox is a premier World Music/ Reggae DJ & remixer based in Chicago, IL U.S.A. His extensive fan base stretches across the globe. His client list is impressive including the N.B.A., MAC, ADIDAS, DISney and has produced for grammy nominated artists and recorded some of reggae's biggest legends. He can often be seen mashing up the dance scene in Chicago at The Wild Hare reggae capital of the mid-West.

His syndicated reggae mix show Thunder Gong Radio" is heard in 6 states and won an award in 2007 for the best programming in Colorado.


DJ Omar

Omer Bozok is a geotechnical engineer designing landfills during the day, and producing music/DJing in his spare time. His artist name W_Dervish derives from whirling dervishes (the muslim monks).

He channels his passion through his own productions and through mixes he creates using expressive sounds and driving beats. He particularly enjoys deep house music with an ambient and ethnic touch. These influences are manifested in his productions. His tracks and mixes have different elements complimenting each other. He enjoys creating different elements/ideas, layering them and witnessing how they compliment each other.. It is magical.

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