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Riding the Relationship Coaster

with Kristin and Frank Panek

"I have my spiritual practice, which I try to maintain. Then my partner says something and my serenity goes out the window. All of a sudden I'm watching myself get angry and stalk away. If my partner would just meditate more or..."


Relationships are a spiritual journey whether or not you consider yourself spiritual. Your partner mirrors back to you the places inside that need healing. Both of you can learn to work through those challenges respectfully, deepening your love for each other.


Join Kristin and Frank and explore this territory together:

  • learn new tools for dealing with your differences,

  •  practice listening deeply and speaking respectfully,

  • experience your heart opening to each other.

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ABOUT Kristin and Frank

Kristin and Frank have been together for over 30 years and they still feel like newlyweds at times. From the beginning of their relationship, they spoke their truth and argued respectfully, deepening their connection over time. This was new behavior for both of them, and it came from their inner guidance. Later they read various self-help books and discovered that they had already learned those practices.

They founded Flowering Heart Center in 2009 and have been creating a welcoming space in which people feel safe to drop into their authentic selves and open their hearts. They taught couples workshops about 10 years ago which were very impactful. People still talk about their deep experience. Frank and Kristin have led men's and women's circles over the past 20 years to support individuals in deepening their experience of life.

As the world becomes more divisive and reactive, many people are struggling in their relationships. Now Frank and Kristin feel called again to support couples, in navigating the challenges that being in relationship naturally brings. No previous experience is necessary. Come play with us!

Couples Workshop

Sunday, February 13th, 11am - 3:30pm

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