Embodying Leadership Now

Online Class with Kristin Panek

Get a sneak preview of Kristin's second book, "Who am I to be a Spiritual Leader?" in this 4 week leadership series online. During these challenging times you may have felt the desire to reach out and help others. It might be your family that needs extra support or teams at work or in your community. This course will give you some insights and motivation to help others, while using the learnings from that experience for your own growth. $15 per class or $50 for all 4.


"Kristin Panek is a wise and gentle leader. She leads wonderful meditations navigating us into the unchartered seas and each time I have landed more sure-footed, grounded and pleasantly surprised..." Christine H.


Kristin has led teams and organizations for 20 years in the corporate world and has led spiritual communities for 20 years. She is happy to support you in helping others during this challenging time.


Tuesdays, September  8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, 7-8:15PM

$15 per week or $50 for all 4 weeks

285 W. Loop Road,

Wheaton IL 60189

Tel: 630.334.5747


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