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Freedom Through Forgiveness

with Catherine Scherwenka & Kristin Panek

in Las Vegas

Admit it. You've been struggling with some of your relationships. You've tried sincerely to forgive and forget, but the next time they open their mouth, you're hooked. In fact, sometimes they just look at you and you're stories are off and running. Many many times you just think about them and your mind is spinning...

What gives? You are honest and sincere when you forgive them. Your conscious mind is fully onboard. Your unconscious mind is 2 billion times stronger and it stores a record of all transactions and interactions.  The side effects of these resentments that are in storage in your system are:  low energy, challenges in your other relationships, anxiety and depression. You are seemingly helpless.

What if you could forgive to the point where you have completely forgotten?  Or, you can recall the events but it has no effect on you.  You have a new sense of freedom, especially in your relationships. Catherine and Kristin have many years of experience helping people find this place of inner freedom. Join us and break out of the mind's prison.

Catherine and Kristin are also speakers and best selling authors. Check out their books on Amazon.

PTSD and a Drug Free Me          Catherine

My Family Needs My Spiritual Leadership Now     Kristin


November 8-10

Las Vegas, NV

LIMITED Spaces. Register now before your mind stops you!

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