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Intuition Workshop

with Sandy Richards

Do you know who is calling before you pick up your phone? Did you ever have a "feeling" that you shouldn't trust someone? Everyone has intuition, but wouldn’t you like to bump it up to the next level?


Wither you want to start a side business doing intuitive readings or you want to increase your intuition for personal use, this is the workshop for you. Have you ever fully tried to focus on this gift of yours, to push yourself a little bit more? This is the place where you can fully open up and let your intuition flow! You will be surrounded by nonjudgmental, like minded people learning and sharing with you. This is the beginning of understanding your gifts and maybe you’ll find that you have more talents that you didn’t know that you had! We will practice reading people because this is one of the best way to expand and stretch that intuition “Muscle.” Wether you experience is extensive or minimal you will have room to grow and learn here.


The Intuition 101 Workshop will be a series of 6 classes covering: Grounding,  guided mediations to help connect you with your spirit guides. Etiquette of giving messages, Protection, Blocking energy, Energy vampires, Channeling and so much more !  We will be using crystals to help enhance and accelerate our objectives.  This will be an interactive experience where you will be practicing different techniques. Join me for all 6 classes or come to some, bear in mind that all classes build upon each other so its more beneficial to attend them all.

It is suggested that you meditate for at least 10 minutes a day prior to your session.

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Sandy is a Psychic Medium who has been doing readings for 10 years. As a Medium she has communicated with many human spirits and many spirits from different origins and even famous people. Throughout her journey she has had many guides and teachers that have helped to navigate what it means to be a psychic medium in this day and age.  Sandy channels a new guide that says he is one of the guardians of Earth. He says he is here to teach.


 Sandy also has a background in teaching and is excited to help others that want to get in touch with their own psychic abilities. She has created this workshop to help others and her driving force behind it has been because she wishes that there was a program like this in her earlier years of growing up.

Class 1 - Prepare and Percolate

Class 2 - Spirit Guides & Sticks

Class 3 - Intuition Etiquette

Class 4- Protection- AKA Defense against the Dark Arts

Class 5 - Channeling & Translating 

Class 6 - Energy, Vibration & Chakras & Review

Register for the series or a single class

First Class for only $25! 

6 Thursdays, September 30 - November 18

Exlcuding 10/28 & 11/11

7;00PM - 9:00PM

For more about Sandy, check her website at

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