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Live Holiday Music with 5 Musicians

Let's bring Holiday joy into your being so you can show up in a light-hearted way with your family and friends.

The energy is so powerful and the deep relaxation and nourishing feeling of being in community is exquisite.  "Tonight's music event raised the roof! I'm so grateful to have been so uplifted and energized by singing in this spiritual community!" Yolanda Lozano

International Kirtan singer, Harmony Polo will be accompanied by Muriel Reymond, Derek Duleba, Brandon Bott and Aaron Marsala for a live Kirtan celebration event.  We will rejoice in song and voice along with some high-energy mantras that will surely get your body moving.


Harmony will be sharing some Holiday music as well as Mantra from her albums, Blessing Of Your Grace and Heart Of Creation.  In her prefect duet with Muriel Reymond, she will be sharing her amazing new single, Pachamama and another mantra that will awaken your heart in joy.


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