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Mandala Art & Meditation Fundraiser

with Iris, Leenie and Kristin

Register by Friday morning 12/10!

Yes!  You can make your own Mandala and we'll help you. The process of creation raises your energy and lifts the energy in the room where you hang the art.

Mandala art is a great way to become more inspired and uplifted during these darker Autumn days. Mandalas shift the energy within yourself and affects others in the room simply by their presence. When you meditate with them, your mind opens and enters into a deeper sense of awareness and relaxation. 

Let's journey together in creating Mandala art to bring more joy into yourself and your home, or to give as gifts this Holiday season. We'll create the space for you to tap into your soul and allow the creativity to flow. Iris will take you through a guided process to create your mandala. You'll have time to paint, a beautiful memory to share, and art to take home. 

You'll have support in this creation and we'll have sample mandalas and tracing paper available. Your facilitators are Iris Gonzalez, Leenie Kowalik and Kristin Panek.

All adults are welcome and children who can respect this space. 100% of proceeds after expenses benefit growing FHC's community so we can continue to offer more fun events like this!


Sunday, December 12, 1-4:30PM

Introductory price of $55 which includes materials.

Children or teen price of $20.

We'll have all the supplies available here.

Bring a journal. If you'd like to bring any of your own materials (which might include markers, compass, protractor, paints) you are welcome to do so.  

Tea, water and light snacks will be provided. Feel free to bring your own too.

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