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Melon Cleanse
From RaMa Yoga Institute for hydration, radiance and clarity.
Let's do this together

I did this cleanse last year with the RaMa  Institute community and enjoyed it immensely. Not only did I feel better but I didn't feel hungry because you can eat as much as you want. I still use some the recipes today. You can learn more about RaMa institute which offers online Kundalini yoga classes by clicking here.


ABOUT This Cleanse

It's deeply nourishing, working on the organs to detoxify and heal and on decalcifying the pineal gland. This is one of the easier and more pleasurable cleanses. You do need to prepare by eating lightly 3-7 days beforehand. The actual cleans will start on September 14. This means you will start preparing anytime between 9/7 and 9/11. The melon cleanse is 5 days (9/14 - 9/18) and then there are 3 days with post cleanse recipes to ease back into your new dietary routine. The last day of the post cleanse ends September 21st - just before the Equinox. Join us on that Monday night at FHC to celebrate the Equinox. Cleanse Details are in the instructions below.  Enjoy the process!  Kristin

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