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Conscious Guided Movement
 with Kristin Panek

If your body isn't moving enough, neither is your mind and neither is your life. If you would like to see movement in any area, this class is for you. Awaken the body intelligence and enjoy the exploration. Kristin has many years of experience in guiding people to embody their true self.

Conscious guided movement aligns body, mind and Spirit in a free -flowing and specific way.  You are guided based on the theme for the week to explore feeling, strength, vitality, stability and communication through movement. Combined with specific breathing techniques, this form of movement opens up new pathways in the brain, allowing for more creativity, intelligence and freedom.

Some movements are individual. Others are with partners or the whole group. Some movements are subtle and others are more dynamic. Each experience is unique. Come explore with us!


First one is Sunday, May 15, 11:30am-1pm

Suggested donation $20 or 4 classes for $60.

No one turned away.

Use the donate payment below to register

On Haitus until further notice

"I feel so peaceful. I'm moving and still relaxed."  Vania

"I haven't felt this light in my body since I was a child."  Yolanda

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