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Past Life Regression

with Dr. Tom McGarrity

'The ability to visit past incarnations is one such power that Dr. McGarrity writes extensively about in his book.  Having visited many of his own past lives, he studied intensely under Dr. Brian Weiss and has been guiding people into their own past lives for almost a dozen years, with remarkable results. 2013.


Tom’s gentle guidance into your past lives will help you:  
Remove fears of all kinds from your daily life
Solve seemingly insurmountable problems
Untangle knots and blockages from past incarnations
Relieve many of the pressures that you feel in this life
Answer some of the “why’s” of this lifetime
Avoid repeating mistakes of the distant past
Improve and alter difficult relationships
Enhance self-esteem, confidence and courage
And so much more.

It is suggested that you meditate for at least 10 minutes a day prior to your session.

Sessions usually last 90 minutes and can go up to 120 minutes.

Price for the session is only $100 through October.


Dr. McGarrity wrote and published two spiritual books.  Enlightenment and other Divinely magical moments highlights a variety of helpful spiritual practices.  Divine Power Speaks with the Buddha enters deep mystical experiences that help us understand the Divinely powerful energies that are always available to us. 

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Illinois, Tom spent twenty-five years helping individuals and institutions meet their financial goals.  Then, with a Masters of Arts degree in Education from Loyola University Chicago, Tom helped college students re-discover their comfort with mathematics.  And now, with a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Wisdom School of Graduate Studies at Ubiquity University, Tom assists in our re-discovery of life’s purpose and the ending of our sense of suffering. 

Register for a Session with Tom

Tuesdays through December

10AM, Noon, 2PM appointments

Text Tom at 630-776-5418
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