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Community Service Project 

Times are very challenging right now and there are more people walking the streets and sleeping outside than ever before. The temperatures are dangerously cold. Let's lend a helping hand. 


We're collecting food, gloves, hats, hand warmers, etc, in bags that you can easily to hand to someone on need. These bags will also include a list of community resources in case they are not aware of what's available for them. 

This is meant to be a personal connection. If you find someone on a street corner, open your heart, hand them a bag, and send them a blessings silently. This is your opportunity to help someone in need and make a personal connection that can lift their spirits.

We need your help!  Donations are greatly appreciated - either cash or goods. Use the donate button if you are contributing cash, and please put "Community Service" in the notes. If you are donating goods, you can drop them off at FHC on Monday nights or during business hours.  We are not there during most business hours but if you leave it in the lobby by our front door, it will be safe.

Bags are available to be picked up at FHC for distribution to people in need on Monday, January 31st.

Items Needed:

Nuts, dried fruit, protein bars, apples, clementines, hand warmers, hats, gloves, socks, gift cards. Please wash any hats, gloves or socks that you are donating if they are gently used.

Cloth grocery bags

Please don't bring canned goods or other heavy items.

For questions, please email Mike HERE

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