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Solstice Celebration

Meditation, Ritual & Christmas Carols

with Kristin and Harmony

Monday, December 21st is one of the biggest cosmological events in history.  Saturn conjuncts Jupiter every 20 years but every 200 years this configuration changes to a different element. It's moving this year from the earth element to air, which allows for more movement. Because this conjunction is happening on the solstice, it's greatly amplified. Additionally, it' at 0 degrees Aquarius - so we are stepping over the threshold into a new age of community, harmony, science, innovation... There is an opportunity on this day to access higher dimensions and experience a lasting shift in consciousness. Let's do this the Aquarian way - together!



will offer a deep and powerful process for you to embody this new age and your vision for yourself. She will also play crystal bowls with Harmony.


will sing Christmas carols, play crystal bowls and perhaps the gong!


Monday, December 21st, 7:30-9PM

Online:  Link HERE   Meeting ID: 836 635 622 

Password:  056109

Suggested donation $25  

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