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Webinar with Kristin
Lead Effectively during Heightened Polarizing Times

Perhaps seeing the divisiveness playing out in a big way globally, makes you long to help somehow. If you've been waiting until you get your own life in order to help your family or community in a bigger way, then join our webinar. They need your strong leadership now, and you have much to offer. 

Learn to work within and beyond the polarities to bring more harmony into your world and into the lives of those you lead.




Kristin is the founder and Spiritual Director of Flowering Heart Center. She has created and led at least 2 different communities over the years. She has extensive spiritual training in India and at various schools in the US.  Kristin has supported many leaders in fully stepping into their role.


Friday May 6th online only


No charge for this webinar

Pre-registration required to receive 

the zoom link

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