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Kristin Panek

During the first 20 years of my management career at Illinois Bell and Ameritech, the impossible projects always landed on my desk, and I had a reputation for finding unexpected solutions. By all standards I was successful and yet something was not quite right. Then one night lightning struck our home and my transformation began.

Within 2 years I had left my job and joined the Shematrix Mystery School. I facilitated transformational weekends for women helping them to feel the internal freedom that I was experiencing. In 2009, after a trip to India, I started offering weekly Oneness blessings and meditations. I also became a Yoga teacher, Master Herbalist & Interfaith Minister. In 2014, Flowering Heart Center (501(c)3) was created.

I’m honored to have been part of building this thriving community. A total of 2,288 people attended events last year, from 14 different states. One of the common threads in my work, both in the corporate world and as a spiritual guide, is the value I put on relationships. People tell me that at Flowering Heart, they feel truly accepted for who they are. They feel a sense of safety and trust that allows them to pursue their journey confidently; many report major changes in their lives from their time with us. 

Most importantly is the relationship with oneself and I work very powerfully with others to heal past conditioning and bring them into their natural gifts and talents.  I also create conscious rites of passage for people to mark the important moments in their lives and support them stepping into a more expansive version of themselves.

I’m gifted with a voice that carries a frequency that puts others at ease and lifts them up, and the ability to quickly shift energy in the room. I’m a strong leader who guides others without making it feel hierarchical, using my diverse training to support them. I work with people from all backgrounds to move through personal obstacles, heal relationships and find their sense of power, presence and purpose.

Kristin's first book is launching

August 15th! 

Spiritual Mentoring with Kristin

Empowering One-on-One sessions

Shift your experience of life from fight, fright and flight, to going-with-the-flow.  Kristin has a unique ability to create a very safe space in which deep unconscious patterns are allowed to surface and heal.  She uses whatever tools are most appropriate for the situation, which may include teachings, processes, guided meditations and energy readings.

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Ordained in December 2012, an Interfaith Minister of the Serpahic Order of the Flowering Heart in the Lineage of the Order of Melchizedek.  As a Celebrant or Reverend, Kristin Officiates at weddings and funerals.


Licensed guide with Shematrix and member of their Mystery School for 18 years.

Shematrix  a collective of women who sponsor transformational events for women and men that involve a rite of initiation into the Divine Feminine


Advanced Trainer and National Coordinator for O&O Academy in India (formerly Oneness University) and initiates people to give Deeksha – a transfer of Divine energy for awakening. Since 2008 she has taken groups to India and has been there at least 12 times receiving teachings and various initiations.


Avatar Master, licensed to deliver training on a series of tolls for managing consciousness and creating preferred realities since 2000.


Sixth Sensory Practitioner licensed by Sonia Choquette


Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie


Certified 500- hourYoga Instructor, Master Herbalist, Reiki Master

Facebook Live Meditations

Join in Meditation with Kristin every Wednesday morning via Facebook LIVE at 8:45am

Private Sessions


"Kristin helps her clients create movement in their lives, restoring the courage to go past whatever obstacles they encounter and move toward their personal goals.
She is unafraid to speak her truth and directly face the tough issues. By her example, she challenges clients to meet their own issues head-on."  

—  Sonia Choquette 

NY Times Bestselling Author,

The Psychic Pathway

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