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Welcome home to You

We are an Awakening Spiritual Community that welcomes all who walk through our doors and supports a community of people living in an empowered, connected and inspired state of Consciousness. 

Meditation Mondays

Join us for a very powerful evening of  teachings and Meditation to empower your intentions, expand your awareness and lift you into bliss. Then receive Deeksha - a benediction of Grace to enhance your connection with Source. This is our Community night and all are welcome. 8:00 -9PM

Donations gratefully accepted.

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ID  836 635 622 Password: 056109

Right now we are online only!

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About us

Our Mission is to create and hold a Sacred Space for community healing and transformation into expanded Consciousness.

Our Community - our members come from a broad range of traditions and spiritual backgrounds, and many first arrive here in the course of their searches for personal and spiritual fulfillment. They often continue to come to the Center because of the overall atmosphere of inclusion and trust that are encouraged in every aspect of the Flowering Heart Center.

Our Founder and Spiritual Director


Kristin Panek has a passion for supporting soul seekers on their awakening path to step into their highest potential and experience deep, authentic connection with their higher self, other beings and the environment. She brings an amazing ability to hold a safe, sacred space in which change is allowed to occur in her workshops, private sessions and community evenings.

About Us

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Support your Center


Over the last decade, our Center has become a safe, accepting and welcoming place of very deep Community connection, spiritual growth and healing, and has offered the possibility of meaningful personal transformation to people in the local community, across the midwest and around the globe. We are asking you to contribute so we can continue to offer empowering programs to uplift, inspire and heal.


We are recognized as a Charitable Organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code!

As a result, your contributions to the Flowering Heart Center may be TAX DEDUCTIBLE -- subject to applicable provisions of federal and state laws -- retroactive to January 1st, 2013.


(For general information on federal tax treatment of Charitable Contributions, see IRS Publication 526.)


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