A Diamond Heart Quantum Transformation

Flowering Heart Center Florida meets Flowering Heart Center Illinois. Explore the Flowering Heart Path with us!

During these challenging times it can seem difficult to keep our own spirits up, let alone worry about how we are treating others. When we are focused on getting through the day (survival) or in fear about an uncertain future, our hearts close down. We may feel disconnected, alone and helpless. Most of us are racking up more screen time than ever before. This feeds the negative mind with fear and much of it is subliminal. It all adds up to feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders. We know there is a better way. Something deep inside us  remembers what it was like to feel that child-like joy. 

We are moving into a new age - a new paradigm for living in more harmony with each other and the world around us. In the chaos surrounding us right now it can be hard to see that. Learn how to be a part of creating that new paradigm in your own life and the lives of people around you. It starts with opening our hearts and connecting with the Divine spark within us, leading to more clarity, wisdom & unconditional love. With the support of Rev Michael Milner and Rev Suzanne Champlain, we will all make a quantum leap deeply into the Spiritual Heart. We will begin to see our true selves, free of the need to seek outwardly for anything. We will stand free in the realization of our own inner Divinity and enlightenment, pouring out unconditional love, compassion and grace into the world. This is the Spiritual Heart of Liberation. For more details on the class, download form below.


Rev. Dr. Michael Milner, Ph.D. is a Spiritual Teacher & Counselor & Interfaith Minister, who embodies diverse spiritual traditions: Taoist, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and more. For over 40 years Michael has provided counseling, guidance & energetic assistance to those who are undergoing processes of spiritual transformation. Michael is an Interfaith Minister, ordained in both the Taoist and Christian traditions. He helps people from many paths flow with the effects of the awakening process. Michael and his wife, Rev. Suzanne Champlin, co-direct Flowering Heart International Holistic Spiritual Center in Clearwater, Florida. Visit: http://floweringheart.org/

Rev. Suzanne Champlin is a Spiritual teacher and counselor, ordained Interfaith minister, divine healer, Reiki master and artist who has been on the healing path for 30 years. She has a BA in Psychology and has worked with children and adults helping them heal. Suzanne is initiated in 3rd Degree Reiki, Tao Ahn Pai Qigong, Ananda Jyotir Diksha, Ishayas Ascension, Chikara-Reiki-Do, Jain Gnan Vidhi, Oneness Deeksha, Flowering Heart Blessing and her own energy Healing System. Those who experience her healing sessions report wonderful results. 

Event Details


This event was so powerful we wanted to make it available to those who were not able to attend. 

Please make a donation of $25 - $35 to Flowering Heart Center using the donate button on the home page. Then email Kristin Panek here for the link.

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