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Altar presents

Human Design Free Intro with Kristin Panek

Registration required

Are You Living Your Design?

What if you were clear on how you were wired for success? What if you knew the best way for you to make decisions and where potential challenges might arise? What don't you know about yourself that is confounding you? Welcome to the fascinating world of Human Design! Based on astrology, the Kabbalah, the I Ching, the chakra system and quantum physics, this framework provides an in-depth understanding of your unique circuitry and how to best work with your gifts and challenges. 


Kristin's unique approach supports you in stepping into leadership in your life through claiming who you are and using your strengths. She is able to drop into the heart of any challenges and provide you effective tools to navigate life based on your design. Join us for an intriguing introductory workshop on this powerful modality that is being talked about everywhere you turn.

Have you ever looked into the mirror of Human Design to see who you really are? Kristin will send your birth chart after you register.

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ABOUT Kristin

Kristin Panek is the Founder and Spiritual Director of Flowering Heart Center (FHC), a not-for-profit in Oak Brook, IL.  After 20 years in a successful Management career at Ameritech, Kristin left to pursue transformational work with Women and Men, involving Rites of Initiation into the Divine Feminine.  While facilitating this work and receiving extensive training in India for 20 years, she founded FHC to support community healing and transformation into higher states of consciousness,. She is also an ordained interfaith Minister of the Seraphic Order of the Flowering Heart and is a bestselling author of 3 books on Spiritual Leadership.


As a Human Design Consultant and Facilitator, Kristin brings both her business and Spiritual backgrounds together to support her clients to dive deeply into their design. They learn to appreciate their unique wiring and how it will lead them towards their goals.. Her clients feel empowered and gain a deeper understating and reverence for their true self. 

“I have had so many different types of readings over my life but this (HD) was by far the best – I felt so good about myself after it!”  Barbara DeMers

Human Design Free Intro

Tuesday, April 30th

10:00 - 12:00 pm

Altar Community, 2518 W. Armitage Ave, Chicago

About Altar

Altar is an inclusive space for women to pause, align, connect and be fed by the nourishing warmth of uplifting community.

We're grateful to be offering this workshop in such a beautiful space. 

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