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Lead by Design 2024 Cohort
Online Intensive with Kristin Panek

What if you were clear on how you were already wired for success? What if you knew the best way to make decisions and relate with others? How would it be to move towards your goals, solid in yourself and feeling completely supported?

 Whether you're leading your family, a team, an organization or yourself, Kristin can support you to claim who you are, align with your strengths and realize your soul's goals.


During my 20-year career at Ameritech, “impossible” projects always landed on my desk, and yet I found unexpected solutions. Despite success, something was off. Then on the night of my 40th birthday, lightning struck our home – for real, and my transformation began.

I took a leap of faith – out of a General Manager position and into personal growth. I launched Flowering Heart Center, a vibrant Spiritual sanctuary and meditation center. My deep dive into mystery schools in Australia and India have allowed me to build spiritual communities and guide others to more fulfilling lives. 

Discovering Human Design was a pivotal moment - the missing piece in working with clients, and the answer to why I had to leave my corporate job. In fact, in that first session, I received confirmation to leave the mystery school and create my own path. I leapt – right into the world of Human Design. 

Today, I offer an online Lead by Design Course inspired by my third book on leadership: Lead by Design: Applying Human Design Principles to Leadership Strategies. 

Based on my Human Design, I’m here to guide you toward your big dreams, despite limitations. 

You’ve experienced success.
Now you feel something is missing and don’t know what.
You want to experience a fulfilling life - to lead it rather than be led.

What’s your dream – the one you keep setting aside for later?
What leap do you need to take now?
What’s your story of Limitation?
What needs completion?

Let’s work together to align with your Design, gain clarity and create forward momentum. 

Whether or not, you have experience with Human Design, you can apply to join this program. If you feel called to check it out, apply below for a strategy call with Kristin 


"I received the keys to open the most sacred and powerful tools to leadership with career and family, leading to financial success. I learned to embody my Human Design as a gateway to self-mastery and with simplicity "  Katy C.


"I've had so many different types of readings over my life but this Human Design with Kristin was by far the best. I felt so good about myself after it!."  Barbara DeMers.

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